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  Healing the Self Through Self Portraits - A Workshop
by Amy Stein


 This innovative class helps you find your inner artist/healer, with an exciting and eye-opening step-by-step approach to drawing portraits.

Overcome the "I can't draw" syndrome. No previous art experience is necessary. Through a combination of drawing skills, visualization, and guided imagery, we reach deep parts of ourselves previously unavailable. Together we create striking and meaningful works of art.

Develop your intuition, creative spirit and integrate the facets of your personality.

For individuals, academic and professional groups, artists, therapists and creative leaders. For business and corporate participants skills such as team building, communication within a group and creative leadership are developed.

Three hour session includes all materials.

A one day workshop 9 - 4 PM

(I would be happy to conduct this workshop in your area. Minimum of 8 participants, maximum of 30, is required.)

For information and to enroll

Amy Stein
501 Rio Grande Ave. #G-3
Santa Fe, NM 87501

(505) 983 2069

About the Art Workshop "Healing The Self Through Self - Portraits"...

"Thank you so much for making this workshop so wonderful. . . In service "Hardened"
teachers and other professionals on staff kept coming up to me the following week
saying that it was the best workshop they have attended in their lives. I know that their
comments were sincere because I have never heard such high praise about a workshop.

Donald J. DeSanto, Executive Director
The Rugby School, "A day school for young people with special needs

"Thank you for the terrific job you did as a presenter in Owen's Executive Leadership
program. The executives were thrilled. . . . The portraits they drew gave them new
understanding of their "inner" leadership potential. It was a breakthrough experience."

Richard L. Daft, Professor of Management
Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University 1996

"When announcing your upcoming class to our group, the response was, "What does
this have to do with small business development?" However, after your presentation
the consensus was that it was so very helpful, especially in terms of removing the
barriers which prevent success."

Rosemary Anslow, Coordinator
Cuba Regional Economic Development Board (Cuba, New Mexico) 1996

"I want to thank you Amy, for the portrait workshop you delivered to my colleagues at
PDI. It was amazing to see the pride and pleasure people took in drawing the portraits
and understanding their meaning. I believe you had a significant impact on many 
building their confidence and helping them find a new avenue for self expression."

Louis M. Tamir, Vice President, General Manager
Personnel Decisions, Inc. Building Successful Organizations 1995

"I want to thank you for your fine presentation at our conference in Santa Fe. The
comments from the questionnaires were very enthusiastic and favorable about the
content and the delivery of your talk."

Barry M. Panter, M.D., Ph.D., President
The American Institute of Medical Education 1995

"She (Amy Stein) presented workshops on self - portraiture for therapists and
counselors in attendance at these trainings. Her presentations offered participants some
potential approaches to use in their practices. The evaluations and feedback were
excellent, and her work and professional manner were greatly appreciated."

Dan Barmettler, Director, The Institute for Integral Development
The Annual Conference on Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families 1994

"The staff at St. Vincent Family Recovery Center recently enjoyed the in-service
presentation and demonstration by noted artist Amy Stein. . . this has obvious relevance
and importance for any therapeutic milieu, and deserves to be more widely applied in a
variety of psychotherapeutic and rehabilitative settings."

Tim Burns, Director
Family Recovery Center, St. Vincent Hospital
Specializing in Adolescent Alcohol and Drug Treatment 1987

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